2019 Anhui Province Chinese Traditional Archery Competition (Hefei Station )

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2019 Anhui Province Chinese Traditional Archery Competition (Hefei Station )

Sorry for the delay of the update , the second station of Anhui Province Chinese Traditional Archery Competition was hold in the City of Hefei (the capital city of Anhui Province) in Jun.1st-Jun.2nd , there are 86 archers joined this competition (contain 11 archers from South Korea , welcome more other foreign archers to join our traditional archers competition in next year ) .

The South Korea Team

It was a successful competition not only because South Korea team joining , but also have some interesting competition section , such like 145 meters South Korea target , fast shooting competition , moving target shooting and high draw weight bow competition . 

Mr. Zhang Li And South Korea Friends 

The competition is hold in the Three Kingdom Park in Hefei , after Mr. Zhang Li said competition begin , the first program is the foot archery performance from Ali Archery Club with Ming dynasty "feiyufu" , other name of this performance is Dunhuang archery performance , because all archers use Dunhuang laminated bow .

Ming Dynasty Jinyiwei Foot Archery Performance 


Live of the competition 

Cards for archers

The Prize


Alibow and Aliarchery's flag


Arrows Rain

Shoot the Big Korea Target out from 158 yards (can you hit the target ?)

Moving Targets

Wuzhuangyuan with far shooting and war bow drawing



The Awards Ceremony


Bow Show Time 

The H1 Fiberglass Bow



Alibow Dunhuang Laminated Bow

Alibow Kaiyuan Laminated Bow

Alibow Niya laminated Bow

Alibow Emperor 3 Laminated Bow

Alibow Laminated Manchu Bow

Korean Bow

Alibow Long Syhas Laminated Han Bow

Alibow Zhuque Laminated Bow


The Video : 



The End

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