2019 Anhui Province Chinese Traditional Archery Competition (Huainan station )

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2019 Anhui Province Chinese Traditional Archery Competition (Huainan station )


In Mar.30th , the 2019 Anhui Province Chinese Traditional Archery Competition Huainan station in the city of Huainan attracted about 70 archers from different city of Anhui province . AliArchery team have 9 members go to this competition and some of them are first time to join such kind of competition , but all of them are well done , I will introduce them one by one .
AliArchery Team and AliBow Team
The red girl is Xiaoyu (with blue Niya bow ), who have win the champion of Shoot at the same time (I dont know how to play it , but it seems very fun) .
Another Champion is Uncle Ye (Ye Jianhui with take down Dunhuang bow) , he with his team member win the Qualifying and elimination .
Manager Yan (from AliArchery Range (Hefei) with Dunhuang Bow) was well done , but one of his team member was not good , so he win nothing .
Manager Huang (from AliArchery Range (Nanjing) with Dunhuang bow ) token his son with him , he want to let his son know whats traditional bow and want to be archery teacher of his son .
The sweet girl Yizi she is the pistachios of AliArchery Team .
Only one archer with Manchu bow is Fengxingyu , he used a Manchu bow with Qing Dynasty cloth .
I just know little about other archer , so just post some photos of them .
Ge Wenlong with Niya Bow
Zhao Shuhan with Dunhuang Bow
Liutao with Niya Bow
AliArchery Team with 4pcs Niya bow , 1pcs take down Dunhuang bow , 2pcs regular Dunhuang bow and 2 pcs long Dunhuang bow
And after introduced AliArchery Team i will post most pictures .
Alibow's Dunhuang Bow
A girl archer from Nanjing city
Alibow's horn bow (manchu bow style)
Alibow's Emperor 3 Bow

Alibow's Long Dunhuang Bow
Alibow's Kaiyuan Bow
Alibow's Horn Bow (Manchu bow style)
Alibow's Black Dunhuang Bow
ALibow's Turkish Bow
Right one is Alibow's Long syhas Han Bow
Alibow's Niya Bow (old version)
Alibow's Niya Bow
Welcome to the city of Hefei in the end of May , we have a new competition soon .

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