ArcheryMax Archery Bow String Nock Points Pliers Set T Shape Bracing Height Gauge Nocking Point Buckles Plier

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  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 20 x archery bowstring nocking points, 1 x archery nocking buckle plier, 1 x T shape bow square, easily install all sizes of nocking points and retainer clips without damaging your bowstring
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: T- Square is made of Aluminum alloy, bowstring nocking points are made of brass rolled edges and antiskid nylon liner, the buckles plier is steel construction with comfort grip handles.
  • PRACTICE DESIGN: Designed with measurement units and a spring, the T square attaches to string above and below the nocking point, the plier head is not easy to be deformed or misaligned; The internal gasket design of the copper buckle can protect the bow string from being strained.
  • T-SHAPE BOW SQUARET: Designed for measuring BRACE HEIGHT, adjust arrow rest and confirm the position of nocking point. Improve the archery accurate.
  • BOW TURNING KIT ARCHERY: Archery nocking buckle plier, T shape bow square, Bowstring nock points. Great archery bow maintenance accessories and archery tools, works on longbow, recurve bow and compound bows.


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