Alibow Archery Mongol " Nokhor" Bow Wide Limb Bow

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The term Nökhör (Mongolian: comrade, companion, friend) was applied in the time of Genghis Khan to soldiers who abandoned their family ties and devoted themselves exclusively to their leader. The Nökhör were valiant and loyal warriors. Many of Genghis Khan’s best generals were Nökhör

Our Nökhör bow, is of the classical long siyah, wide limb design. The wide limbs give the bow more stability and therefore better accuracy.


String length: 124cm

Safe Draw length: 31" up to 40lbs@28", and 30''if more than 40lbs@28"

Draw weight: 20 to 50lbs @ 28''

Recommended Arrowe Weight: 10 GPP