Alibow Laminated Tang Bow Premium Dunhuang "Apsara"-free shipping

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  • Draw weight: 30-55LBS (If you need high more draw weight please contact us )
  • Bow Body Length: 61"/155cm ; String Length:59"/150cm ; Max Draw Length:38 inches .
  • Color: Clear-Clear: clear glass on back and belly
  • Material: Maple , Glass Fiber , Leather , Foams, Fast Flight String
  • About Tang Bows

    Tang Dynasty(618-907), the most powerful empire in Chinese history, was well-known overseas for great achievements in the fields of economic, cultural, and military. After Tang Dynasty, foreigners always call ethnic Chinese as Tang Chinese. Chinatown is somewhere around the world ethnic Chinese congregate. CT Tang Laminated Bow ) is one kind of archery bow reduced from Tang-bow. By using CT Tang , You can not only enjoy the special shooting but also can be like a Tang Dynasty Archer.

    As a latest archery product of Alibow, Premium Dunhuang "Apsara" got the design inspiration the Dunhuang frescoes . It has the characteristics as follows:
    A: Syntactic foams are added to this bow to further reduce mass of the limbs, the limbs will show you better sense of pull and less shaking in the condition of big draw length.
    B:The Arrows Point is made from sea shell ,and the middle point of the riser to the face of sea shell is 7mm , better for competition .
    C: black and white composite material is used to protect the bow syhas.
    D:The curved on the limbs be designed to reduce the weight of the limbs .
    E: The max draw length is 38 inches .