Traditional Chinese Ming "Emperor III" Arhcery Laminated Bow- FREE SHIPPING

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  • Draw weight: 30-60LBS (If you need high more draw weight please contact us )
  • Bow Body Length: 54.33"/138cm ; String Length:32.36"/133cm ;
  • Bow weight : 0.87LBS/396.5g ; Max Draw Length:33 inches
  • There are three colors for you to choose: Black-Black , Clear-Black , Clear-Clear.
  • Material: Maple , Glass Fiber , Leather , OX born , OX horn , Fast Flight String

  • About Emperor Bow
    This bow is an interpretation of the bow carried by Emperor Wanli (1563-1620) of Ming dynasty , in a painting depicting him going to pay tribute to the ancestral tombs of the royal family .
    Emperor 3 (D-3) is the update version of Emperor 2 (D-2) , new design of syhas , arrow point , grip make this bow more lighter and faster .