Alibow Chinese Chang An Laminated Horsebow-free shipping

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Draw weight: 30-50 LBS (If you need high more draw weight please contact us )
Bow Body Length: 54.33"/156cm ; String Length: 52.36"/150cm
Bow weight : 1.14LBS/515.5g
Max Draw Length: 35 inches
Material: Maple , Glass Fiber , Leather , OX born , OX horn , Fast Flight String

There are three colors for you to choose:

Clear-Clear: clear glass on back (facing away from archer) and belly (facing towards archer) (such as image, if you need other color, please contact us)
Black-Black: black glass on back  and belly 
Clear-Black: clear glass back and black glass belly

About Chang An Bow

Chang An (currently Xi An) is the capital of the Tang dynasty. This bow is based on historical paintings of the long bows of the Tang's imperial guards.
Specially designed for long draw, this bow can easily and smoothly sustain a draw length up to 35", while the asymmetrical design helps to further stabilizes the arrow.
Fully extend your back, draw behind your ear, and feel the power!


How to String the Bow Safely?

The best way to string bow is as follows:

String the bow improperly may result in damage or twist of the limb.