New To Archery

We made a list for new archer , if you don't know which items need for beginning , just follow us .

1 Bow : You can choose a lighter fiberglass bow for beginning , because fiberglass bow is cheaper than laminated bow and horn bow , but it is 100% enough for a new archer . And the draw weight can be lighter , we recommend below 30LBS for women and below 40LBS for man as a new archer .

2 Arrows : Both wood arrows and bamboo arrows are ok , not recommend fiberglass arrows or mix carbon arrows , you can purchase carbon arrows if you like .

3 Quiver : Side quiver or back quiver will be ok , just choose which one you like and comfortable .

4 Arm Guard : 100% need .

5 Glove or Thumb Ring : If you use mediterranean release you need a 3 finger glove and if you use mongolian release you need a thumb ring (both leather , metal and horn material will be ok ) .