Tang Dynasty "Hulu" Side Quiver -free shipping

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  • Quiver Body Length: 70cm / 27.66 inches
  • Quiver Material: Cow Leather
  • For right or left handed shooters
  • Suitable for any length archery arrows
  • “Hulu” is a type of fully enclosed quiver that was widely used in TANG period China (618AD-907AD). The term is probably derived from the word "qurluq" in a Turkic language. Compare Proto-Turkic *kur-ug-luk (“bow-case; quiver”, literally “container for something strung”), whence Karakhanid قُرُغْلُقْ‎ (quruɣluq, “quiver”), Khakas хурлух (xurlux, “quiver”).

    For couple hundred years, this type of quiver was the mainstream in continental Asia, almost every Asian culture had a version of it. I always want to have a Tang style Hulu to pair with my Tang style Changshao horn bow, but I couldn't find one that satisfies me. Most I found are based on Mongol version. So I decided to work with Daoyi Hancraft again to revive Tang style Hulu.

    My particular Hulu is based on a Tang period tomb mural. I also used many excavated samples from other cultures as references. For the decorated pattern, I chose Kirin as the main theme (hence fish scales on the tube). The end result is a subtle yet elegant, and highly functional quiver that is close in appearance and proportion to the quiver in the mural.