Alibow Chinese Han Laminated Bow for Horsearchery-free shipping

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Draw weight: 30-50LBS (If you need high more draw weight please contact us )
Bow Body Length: 59.45"/151cm ; String Length: 56.7"/144cm
Bow weight : 0.98LBS / 446g
Max Draw Length: 35 inches
Material: Maple , Glass Fiber , Leather , Jane Skin , OX horn , Fast Flight String

There are three colors for you to choose,

Black-Black: black glass on back (facing away from archer) and belly (facing towards archer)
Clear-Black: clear glass back and black glass belly
Clear-Clear: clear glass on back and belly

About CH8 Bow :

The Han Dynasty (206 BC--220 AD) represented the golden age of Classical China. It was a period of prosperity (with the consolidation of Silk Road trade routes) with accompanying advances in science, art, and literature. During this time, famous archers such as Li Guang (The Flying General) flourished. But as all dynasties must come to an end, so did the Han. The resulting turmoil ushered in the Three Kingdoms period (220--280 AD), a beloved time whose intrigues and romances would inspire many generations to come. Finally, the Three Kingdoms ended with the reunification of China under the Jin Dynasty (280--420 AD).

Redesign of our CH7 , CH8 is more relaxed than CH7 , a feature of more efficiency .

Note: Take down version available , if you need please contact to us.