Chu Spring Autumn Period laminated bow by Alibow

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This bow is inspired by an excavated bow dated to late the Spring Automn period (771 to 467 BC). Found a prototype of this bow in a grave. The original bow is a short length reflex bamboo bow and we enlarged it to suit very long draw length. The grip is also modified to fit the hand better.

Like Egypt Bow


Various color of bow limb and wood grain can be choosed, if you like, please contact us, we will introduce for you.

String Length: 148.5cm / 58.5IN

Bow Length Strung: 155cm / 61.02IN

Bow Length Unstrung: 137cm/53.9IN

Max. Draw Length: 35”

Safety Draw Length: 28”

Draw Weight: from 20lbs to 50 lbs