Alibow Tukish Laminated Horsebow Bow-free shipping

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The famous turkish bow is used in the Ottoman Empire. It is one of the shortest bow in history. The short limbs give it superior power when shooting lighter arrows over long distance, while the unique outward-bulging grip make it more comfortable to hold for many archers.


Draw weight: 30-50LBS ( take-down maximum 35lbs )
Bow Body Length: 44.49"/113cm ;

String Length:42.5"/108cm(Regular 108 CM, Long 121 CM (for 40# and above), Take Down 121 CM (up to 35#)) ;

Bow weight : 0.63LBS/286g ;

Max Draw Length:29 inches .
There are three colors for you to choose: Black-Black , Clear-Clear.
Material: Maple , Glass Fiber , Leather , Jane Skin , OX horn , Fast Flight String
Shipment: We will ship this item by EMS from China , it will take about 7-12 bussiness days to USA , and EMS needs reciver's phone number , so please provide your phone number to us after you purchase this item .