Fiberglass Hunting Longbow Recurve Bow-free shipping

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Draw weight: 20-110 LBS
Bow Body Length: 54.3"/138cm ; String Length: 51"/128cm
Max Draw Length:33 inchs
Material: Wood , Cowleather , Glass steel , Beech

About Han Bows :
The Han Dynasty (206 BC--220 AD) represented the golden age of Classical China. It was a period of prosperity (with the consolidation of Silk Road trade routes) with accompanying advances in science, art, and literature. During this time, famous archers such as Li Guang (The Flying General) flourished. But as all dynasties must come to an end, so did the Han. The resulting turmoil ushered in the Three Kingdoms period (220--280 AD), a beloved time whose intrigues and romances would inspire many generations to come. Finally, the Three Kingdoms ended with the reunification of China under the Jin Dynasty (280--420 AD).

The H1O horse bow is a static recurve bow. It measures 54.3" long when strung .The bow can be shot right or left handed . It has solid wood syhas, and a good curve in the fiberglass belly. The finish is wrapped cow leather spiraling the length of the belly . The syhas are Ash wood, finished with simple linseed oil and OX horn in the end to protect the syhas . The bow rugged in construction, with nearly the same smooth draw and quiet release as other horse bows, but at less cost . Bow string included. Color varies. Remember that with a traditional bow the weight will change depending upon what your draw length is. We can offer the draw weight from 20LBS to 110LBS .